CHAYA Bliss Vanilla Kids Roller Skates | Kids Quad Skates + Adults | Size adjustable

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The CHAYA Bliss Vanilla Kids Roller Skates are astonishingly innovative creation and adjustable in sizes.

  • 1x pair of CHAYA Bliss Vanilla Kids Quad Skates


The CHAYA Bliss Vanilla Kids Roller Skates are astonishingly innovative creation and adjustable in sizes.

The skate looks like a classic high heel adult roller skate, but it has some hidden features.

Adjusting the size just takes a few seconds by simply turning the lever placed on the rear of the skate.

The exterior of the boot always keeps its original shape, as just the toe cap inside the boot moves back and forth to allow you to adjust the size.

This roller skate impresses with great quality, comfort, and nice support.

Chaya is the only brand which combines this great looking boot with a rigid and strong Chaya Aja composite plate including an anatomically correct placed offset toe stopper and Power Toe System (PTS) where the toe area of the plate follows the natural shape of the boots for a better power transfer.

Both of these excellent features can only usually be found in high-end skates.

Polyurethane (PU-) wheels in 59mm / 78A as well as Wicked ABEC 7 bearings complete this great package and provide a smooth and pleasant roll.

The rainbow on the heel in LGTBQ+ colors sets a strong statement for equality and inclusion.

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Scope of delivery of CHAYA Bliss Vanilla Kids Roller Skates

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  • 1x pair of CHAYA Bliss Vanilla Kids Quad Skates

That’s how you find your size

  1. Measure your foot length.
  2. Compare the result with the information in the size selection or size table.
  3. Choose the size that best suits your foot length. Choose a few millimeters more for more comfort. We recommend adding 5-9mm to your foot length, depending on how thick your socks are and how comfortable you want them to be.

Product details

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Additional information

Marke | Brand

Verkaufseinheit | Sales unit

1x pair of CHAYA Bliss Vanilla Kids Roller Skates

Rollschuhe | Roller skates

Farbe | Color


Fähigkeits Level | Skill level

, ,

Geschwindigkeit | Speed

Gewicht | Weight

Größenlauf | Size run

Größenattribut | Size attribute

Passform | Fitting


Vegan | Vegan

Schuhtyp | Shoe type

Laufsohle | Outsole

Laufsohlen-Material | Outsole material

Belüftung | Ventilation

Material der Schale | Material shell

Haltbarkeit | Durability

Schuhhöhe | Shoe Height

Innenschuh | Liner

Innensohle | Innersole

Obermaterial | Material upper

Schuhsteifigkeit | Shoe stiffness


Verschlusssystem | Closure

Hitzeformbarkeit | Heatmoldability

Name der Schiene | Plate name

Plate Montagestandard | Plate Mounting Standard

Plattenmaterial | Plate Material

Herstellungsverfahren | Manufacturing process

Truck Winkel | Truck angle

Achsen | Axles


Plate Laufgröße | Size run

, ,

Verstellbarkeit seitlich | Adjustable side-to-side

Verstellbarkeit vorne-hinten | Adjustable front-to-back

Cushions | Cushions

Cushions Härte | Cushions hardness

Cushions Höhe | Cushions height


Truck Material | Truck material

Rollen | Wheels

Rollen Einsatzgebiet | Wheels division


Rollengröße | Wheel size

Rollenhärte | Wheel hardness

Kugellager Standard | Bearing standard

Kugellager | Bearings

Kugellagermaterial | Bearings material

Kugellager-Wertung | Bearings Rating

Kugellager-Schild | Bearing shield

Schmierung | Lubrication

Zehen-Stopper | Toe-stopper

Power toe system | Power toe system

Abnehmbarer Zehen-Stopper | Off-set toe stopper

Stopperfixierung | Stopper fixation

Stopper-Hals | Stopper stem

Stopper-Form | Stopper shape

Zehen-Stopper-Material | Toe-stopper-material

Größe | Size

EU 31-34 / US Kids jr. 13-3 / UK jr. 12-2 / Mondo (cm) 19,4-21,7, EU 35-38 / US 4-7 / UK 3-6 / Mondo (cm) 22-23,8, EU 39-42 / US 8-11 / UK 7-10 / Mondo (cm) 24,6 – 26,2

Action Video

Roller Dance Tutorial

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