CHAYA Snowfall Ice Skates | White | Classic Ice Skates

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The Chaya Snowfall Ice Skates are beauties and these makes you a real eye-catcher on the ice skating rink.

  • 1x pair of CHAYA Snowfall Ice Skates


The Chaya Snowfall Ice Skates are beauties and these makes you a real eye-catcher on the ice skating rink.

The combination of the classic cream boot with the bronze-colored eyelets and silvery embroidery gives this skate a classic but modern look.

This high-quality performance ice skate is made of the best materials out there.

The cold-resistant vinyl exterior and cozy faux fur interior will keep your feet warm on a long ice trail.

Anatomically-shaped padding provides ultimate comfort and a superior heel lock.

This fashionable, vegan ice skate is designed with both beginners and advanced ice skaters in mind.

Mounted on the Chaya Diamond ice blade; a stylish pre-sharpened, rustproof blade which provides a smooth stride and an outstanding look.

Lace these beauties and enjoy the ride!

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Scope of delivery of CHAYA Snowfall Ice Skates

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  • 1x pair of CHAYA Snowfall Ice Skates

That’s how you find your size

  1. Measure your foot length.
  2. Compare the result with the information in the size selection or size table.
  3. Choose the size that best suits your foot length. Choose a few millimeters more for more comfort. We recommend adding 5-9mm to your foot length, depending on how thick your socks are and how comfortable you want them to be.

Learn how to ice skating now

We wouldn’t be SkaMiDan if we did not help you how to learn aggressive inline skating.

That’s why you’ll find detailed information about ice skating on our website, as well as a list of the most popular ice skating tricks and a variety of educational videos and tutorials.

Of course, we also offer skating lessons on site at our skating school.

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Additional information

Marke | Brand

Schlittschuhe | Ice skates

Verkaufseinheit | Sales unit

1x pair of CHAYA Snowfall Ice Skates

Farbe | Color


Laufsohle | Outsole

Außensohlen-Material | Material outsole

Obermaterial | Material upper


Verschlusssystem | Closure

Innenfutter | Lining

, ,

Innensohle | Innersole

Vegan | Vegan

Steifigkeitsgrad | Stiffness level

Befestigungsstandard | Mounting standard

Kufe | Blade

Kufenhalterung | Blade holder

Kufenmaterial | Blade material

Kufenhärte | Blade hardness

Kufenbreite | Blade width

Kufenzähne | Blade teeth

Vorgeschliffen | Preshaped

Gewicht | Weight


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