GAWDS Michael Prado II | Black | UFS | Aggressive Inline Skates

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Introducing the GAWDS Michael Prado II | Black | UFS | Aggressive Inlineskates: Embodying Aggressive Skating Excellence

  • 1x pair of GAWDS Michael Prado II | Black | UFS | Aggressive Inline Skates
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Introducing the GAWDS Michael Prado II | Black | UFS | Aggressive Inlineskates: Embodying Aggressive Skating Excellence

Step into the realm of pure aggression with the Gawds Michel Prado II Skate, crafted for the world’s most fearless skaters.

Renowned as one of the finest aggressive skaters on the planet, Michel Prado lends his name to this exceptional creation that merges style, performance, and personality.

In a striking black and white colorway, the skate mirrors Michel’s unparalleled flair and attitude.

The hybrid composite boot is a testament to superior craftsmanship, meticulously hand-lasted to perfection.

Its construction features a fusion of glass-fiber reinforced plastic and a matching cuff, ensuring a lightweight and flexible experience on every ride.

Prepare to dominate the streets with confidence as the Gawds Michel Prado II Skate comes equipped with a wide soulplate, a 45-degree strap, and an innovative nylon Velcro top cuff strap.

These components work harmoniously to provide unparalleled support, stability, and control during your most audacious maneuvers.

Embracing a trusted Kizer Fluid IV anti-rocker setup straight out of the box, this skate ensures exceptional grinding capabilities and smooth transitions.

Complementing this setup are the exclusive 60mm Pro wheels from Gawds, handpicked by Michel himself.

These wheels guarantee optimal grip, speed, and durability, allowing you to push your limits like never before.

Every aspect of the Gawds Michel Prado II Skate has been meticulously designed using premium materials.

From the strong and thick leather toe to the fresh and stylish upper design, this skate exudes quality and sophistication.

It’s a true reflection of Michel Prado’s relentless pursuit of perfection and his dedication to elevating the world of aggressive skating.

Join the ranks of the elite and experience the ultimate adrenaline rush on wheels with the Gawds Michel Prado II Skate.

Unleash your full potential, make a statement, and leave an indelible mark on the skating world.

Get ready to conquer the streets like never before.

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  • 1x pair of GAWDS Michael Prado II | Black | UFS | Aggressive Inline Skates

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Learn how to aggressive inline skating now

We wouldn’t be SkaMiDan if we did not help you how to learn aggressive inline skating.

That’s why you’ll find detailed information about aggressive inline skating on our website, as well as a list of the most popular aggressive inline tricks and a variety of educational videos and tutorials.

Of course, we also offer skating lessons on site at our skating school.

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Additional information

Marke | Brand

Verkaufseinheit | Sales unit

1x pair of GAWDS Michael Prado II, Black, UFS, Aggressive Inline Skates

Empfohlene Setups | Recommended setups

Inlineskates | Inline skates

Farbe | Color


Material der Schale | Material shell

Obermaterial | Material upper

Hitzeformbarkeit | Heatmoldability

Shock absorbers

Vegan | Vegan

Schaft | Cuff

Verschlusssystem | Closure

, ,

Innenschuh | Liner

Befestigungsstandard | Mounting standard

Innensohle | Innersole

Name der Schiene | Frame name

Schienenmaterial | Frame material

Schienenlänge | Frame length

, ,

Achsen | Axles


Rollengröße | Wheel size

Rollenbreite | Wheel width

Rollenhärte | Wheel hardness

Rollenkern | Wheel core

Kugellager | Bearings

Kugellager Standard | Bearing standard

Kugellager-Wertung | Bearings Rating

Kugellagermaterial | Bearings material

Kugellager-Schild | Bearing shield

Bremsentyp | Brake type

Gewicht | Weight

Zubehör | Extra hardware

Speaking Specs

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