VALO BS. OX Blood Light Skates EU 44 | Rental

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VALO BS. OX Blood Light Skates EU 44 | Rental

Costs and loan time:

  • 1-3 days | 10 euros per pair (e.g. Fri-Mon)
  • 1 week| 20 euros per pair
  • 1 month | 50 euros per pair

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The VALO BS. OX Blood Light Skates EU 44 | Rental are special aggressive inline skates for skating in the skate park, as well as on ramps and street spots.

Compared to the other rental aggressive skates in our range, the VALO skates are very comfortable, cut high and offer an optimal hold.

Even if your own feet are 4 sizes smaller, you can try out aggressive skating with these skates.

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Costs and loan time of VALO BS. OX Blood Light Skates EU 44 | Rental

You can use all of our loan inline skates either for one to three days (e.g. for one of our courses or over the weekend from Friday to Monday), for a week (e.g. for a birthday or excursion) or for a month (e.g. for vacation).

  • 1-3 days | 10 euros per pair (e.g. Fri-Mon)
  • 1 week| 20 euros per pair
  • 1 month | 50 euros per pair

Reservation over the website is free of charge. When picking up, the price for the minimum rental time is calculated. Upon return, the difference for the actual loan time will be calculated if necessary.

This is how our rental works (over the website)

To borrow one or more articles from us, you have the following options:

  • Reserve your desired equipment on our website and then make an appointment for a personal pick-up.
  • Make an appointment to try it on and pick it up.

Would you like to reserve one or more inline skates for a specific date, rent them for an individual period or do you have a special request? No problem!

At least one adult with a valid ID or a legally binding ID is required to pick up the rental equipment.

You can find our contact details here!

You can find more detailed information about our rental in our general information.

That’s how you find your size

  1. Measure your foot length.
  2. Compare the result with the information in the size selection or size table.
  3. Choose the size that best suits your foot length. Choose a few millimeters more for more comfort. We recommend adding 5-9mm to your foot length, depending on how thick your socks are and how comfortable you want them to be.

Learn how to aggressive inline skating now

We wouldn’t be SkaMiDan if we did not help you how to learn aggressive inline skating.

That’s why you’ll find detailed information about aggressive inline skating on our website, as well as a list of the most popular aggressive inline tricks and a variety of educational videos and tutorials.

Of course, we also offer skating lessons on site at our skating school.

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Additional information

Marke | Brand

Verleih-Einheit | Rental unit

1x used, maintained and disinfected VALO BS. OX Blood Light Skates EU 44, Rental

Inlineskates | Inline skates

Farbe | Color


Schiene | Frame

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