SkaMiDan Shop Team

Even at the beginning of 2022, the SkaMiDan shop team consists only of me, the owner. My name is Daniel and I am the founder and owner of SkaMiDan. As the owner, I am responsible for all activities in the shop.

2021_06_Daniel Lott — SkaMiDan Skating Team_002_4K

So far I’ve been running my shop as a “one-man show”. I am therefore your personal contact for all shop activities such as advice and service, in the event of complaints or constructive as well as positive feedback. ?

Perhaps you have already heard of Christian. Christian (on the left in the photo) is also part of our skating team. He helps me out in the shop from time to time. As soon as the circumstances (corona and premises) allow, he will be my first partner in the shop, which will expand us to a “two-men show”.

In addition, as an online trainer and on-site skate trainer, I give many different skate courses. I am responsible for a number of other community projects as well.

If you want to learn more about me, then visit my profile in the SkaMiDan Skating Team section.