Christoph Kälber — SkaMiDan Skating Team

Hello everybody, my name is Christoph. I am a coach at Skamidan and currently live in Erzingen in the district of Waldshut – Tiengen. In addition to the passion for rock music and concert visits, I have maintained the inline skating until today and that since my childhood.

2022_02_Christoph Kälber — SkaMiDan Skating Team
Christoph Kälber — SkaMiDan Skating Team

At Christmas 1995 I’ve got my first inline skates. These were ordinary fitness inline skates. After I was able to skate with it, however, I quickly realized that my skates should not only bring me from A to B, I wanted more!

Christoph Kälber — SkaMiDan Skating Team
Mistral Grind — Funbox — Weil am Rhein

For this reason, I unscrewed the heel brake and practiced the first ramps and pipes in the nearby skate park, as well as my first jumps on a funbox.

Quickly I started saving my pocket money. After saving enough money, I bought all the parts that I needed to customize my skates to my needs.

At Christmas 1996, there were my first real aggressive inline skates. At that time there was a real boom, which affected the aggressive inline skating. Everyone had a few fitting aggressive inline skates at my age. The skate parks and places, as well as the indoor parks were filled, even crowded with aggressive inline skater, colloquially bladers. Other rolling sports such as e.g. BMX drivers were a rarity.

Print media, VHS cassettes, posters, mail orders and local shops were in masses. Towards the year 2000, however, the trend broke together. The print media, local shops, as well as skate parks disappeared, gradually.

At the same time, the first aggressive inline skates came on the market with the standardized UFS (Universal Frame System) and brought many new possibility of customizing; High-quality aggressive skates for every individual style. But nevertheless, the scene became smaller and smaller.

Christoph Kälber — SkaMiDan Skating Team
Tea Kettle Grind — Funbox — Weil am Rhein

Local skate parks were misleaded on the basis of missing youth clubs and the parks thus gradually closed. In 2001, I was more of a remnant of local golden inline time. My education moved to the focus. Nonetheless, a round of skating was always the right way to get the head free.

In 2009, my girlfriend gave me a new pair of aggressive inline skates. In 2015, it grabbed me completely again. Thus, I quickly got into my old level, at peak times.

Christoph Kälber — SkaMiDan Skating Team
Backside Fahrvergnügen Grind — Funbox — Weil am Rhein

In the south of Germany I visited many skate parks. I quickly found out that I was the only remaining and active blader. The times have changed over the years. At this time the internet had already become grown up. On YouTube there were many videos about inline skating.

Towards the end of 2017, I met Daniel, the founder and owner of SkaMiDan! I really liked his YouTube channel. After watching some of his videos I realized that he must live very close to me. So I took heart and got in touch with him, as he likes to say in his videos.

We hit it off straight away and are now good friends. Through him I also got to know one or the other from the community, which he diligently builds up, takes people with him and also inspires them for this great sport.

Inline skating is my sport! No fixed training times, no restrictions, nothing monotonous, but still anytime and anywhere. You have no restrictions, that’s great!

Whether alone or in a group, whether a comfortable rail session or an all or nothing session, whether a comfortable or exhausting meeting in Weil, a round in the Basel skate hall or in one of the many beautiful and public places, across the country and the surrounding area, whether meeting friends and acquaintances, getting to know people and all this makes this hobby, this way of life, more than desirable.

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