Daniel Lott — SkaMiDan Skating Team

Hello and welcome, I’m glad you want to know more about me. My name is Daniel and I am the founder and owner of SkaMiDan. As the owner, I am responsible for all activities in the shop and I am part of my own “SkaMiDan Skating Team“.

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Makio Grind — Miniramp — Weil am Rhein

In addition, as an online trainer and skate trainer on site, I give many different skate courses. I am also responsible for several other community projects.

I would like to tell you a little more about myself, so let’s take a look into the past.

The starting shot of SkaMiDan

I am a passionate, versatile inline skater and roller skater who is addicted to skating and loves what he does. For this reason, in 2016 I started to make it easier for others to get into the sport of skating (with the help of my own video and skate tutorials).

As a result, I quickly realized that my passion for inline skating is more than just a hobby. It’s freedom, it’s balance, it’s health, it’s physical and mental fitness, it’s friendship, it’s courage and so much more. The starting signal for SkaMiDan had been given.

Passionate skate coach

I was born in 1989 and grew up in the small and beautiful village of Haltingen in Baden-Württemberg Germany. I was fortunate to grow up in a friendly neighborhood where it was normal to know each other, to support each other and celebrate together.

But why am I mentioning this? For me, inline skating reflects exactly that: people with joy and passion, people with few prejudices, togetherness, people who have fun together and love life. Skating is like a small but big family spread around the world.

I really enjoy passing on these values. Skating and life is not about being better than others. Such a comparison never makes happy. But what do we want in life? We want to be happy, we want to have fun and be able to overcome obstacles that stand in our way.

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Grabbed Air — Funbox — Weil am Rhein

And what does all this have to do with skating? It makes me happy to help other people achieve their goals. It makes me happy to see the smiles and big grins you have in my class when you master a long-awaited trick or skate technique.

It makes me happy when, with my help or the help of my colleagues, you learn and discover a common hobby as a family. When it brings you as much joy as it does to me and brings you even closer together as a family.

Incredibly nice and motivating feedback

Is there anything nicer than direct feedback in the form of a smile? Actually nothing right? Yes, and that’s why I would like to briefly name some of the best feedback I’ve received as a skate trainer and which I always remember with joy:

  • “Thanks to you and your videos I discovered inline skating. Being overweight made it almost impossible for me to move safely on skates. Without you and your patience as a coach, I would have given up skating quickly. Thanks to you, I have reached my normal weight and today I go through life happily again.”

  • “For a long time we had been looking for a hobby that we could pursue as a family. However, our fear of the gradient and braking had prevented us from doing so. Thanks to you, today we can move more than just safely on inline skates. We regularly skate together, which has brought us closer together as a family. We are eternally grateful to you for that!”

  • “Our son was afraid to go to school, or rather a kind of panic. Giving a lecture in front of the class or reporting in class was an impossibility for him. Thanks to your courses in aggressive inline skating, he has learned to overcome fears, to fall down, to get up again and again and to achieve goals that he has set himself. Miraculously, he lost his fear of school and failure. He is finally happy and is again telling us a lot about his everyday life and school.”

My favorite skate disciplines

Fitness and urban inline skating
With fitness and urban inline skating, I can switch off and really work out. I skate on streets, bike paths or through cities and just feel free. Fitness skating is risk-free, keeps you fit, is easy on the joints and is a lot of fun with friends and other skaters.

Aggressive inline skating
For me, aggressive inline skating means jumping over your own shadow. It’s the mental struggle before each new trick. The fear you feel bundled with the self-confidence and awareness of your abilities. Do I dare the trick or not? You’ll forget the world. And then when you actually overcame your fear and managed you’ll be just happy.

An indescribable feeling, shared with friends and everyone who spends a nice day in the skate park together, priceless! It doesn’t matter if the others are also skating or just playing cards, barbecuing or chilling, it’s just always a good time.

Freestyle slalom skating
Many others, including myself, say that aggressive inline skating is also a kind of “mind game”, i.e. that you always have to deal with mental hurdles and your inner fear.

Freestyle slalom skating is the complete opposite. It requires the highest concentration, a lot of discipline and an enormous sense of balance. Training together with friends is particularly motivating here. With slalom skating, I can also drift into my own world on my own. How? Headphones on, music on and dancing through the cones.

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