Jakob Esselmann — SkaMiDan Skating Team

Hi, my name is Jakob. I was born in 2011 in beautiful Neuss in North Rhine-Westphalia and am a proud team rider at SkaMiDan.

Profil_SEO_SkaMiDan Skating Kids Team Jakob Esselmann — SkaMiDan Skating Team
Jakob Esselmann — SkaMiDan Skating Team

As soon as I learned to walk, I started doing sports. Ever since I stood on inline skates for the first time, I would prefer not to take them off!

In the winter of 2015, when I was just 5 years old, I started playing ice hockey, which is still a great passion.

In spring 2017 I got my first inline skates. In the summer of 2017 I tried inline hockey. In addition, my dad took me to a skate park for the first time. Inline hockey was history quickly because I much preferred to spend every free minute in the skate park.

My dad, himself a former aggressive inline skater and ice hockey coach, was able to teach me the basics quickly. That’s when I fell in love with the sport of aggressive inline skating!

In May 2019 I got my first aggressive inline skates, the USD Kids Transformers. This is how we got in touch with Daniel! Daniel was always at our side with advice and action right from the start. So the first contact with SkaMiDan was made!

A lot has happened since then:

Jakob Esselmann — SkaMiDan Skating Team Aggressive Inline Skating Junior Boys Blader
Julia Göke and Jakob Esselmann — SkaMiDan Skating Team
  • In February 2020, at the age of 8, I took part in the Winterclash. There I was one of the youngest participants ever to take part in the Winterclash! The Winterclash is, so to speak, the unofficial world championship in aggressive inline skating.

  • In May 2020 the time had come. Daniel, the founder and owner of SkaMiDan made me an offer for full sponsorship. I said yes and since then I’ve been part of the SkaMiDan team. I was even the first one Daniel offered to sponsor! Today the team is already bigger and we are like a small family with full of joie de vivre and passion for skating.

  • In March 2021 I was also lovingly accepted into the Powerslide family. Since then I’ve also been a team rider for ENNUi, a subsidiary of Powerslide! What’s great about it is that SkaMiDan and Powerslide work closely together, which means I now get double the support!

  • In September 2021 I achieved third place in the EFISE Junior Hotwheels competition, in the “Roller Boys” category. This makes me the best European in the Juniors category.

My goal: to show many children, but also adults, how beautiful our sport can be and is. I would also like to motivate others to simply try a sport.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s aggressive inline skates, fitness inline skates, off-road inline skates, urban inline skates, slalom inline skates, roller skates, park roller skates, ice skates or something completely different.

Our and the skating sport in general is super diverse, extremely varied and super healthy. Nobody has to and shouldn’t worry about whether they’re good or bad, the focus is on having fun and everyone is welcome!

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