Julia Göke — SkaMiDan Skating Team

My name is Julia, I was born in 1994 and I’m from a small village in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Julia Göke — SkaMiDan Skating Team Roller Skating Rollschuhe Team
Julia Göke — SkaMiDan Skating Team

In 2018 I traveled the world, was in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. When I came back to Germany in March 2020 and the lockdown began, I discovered some cool quad skaters on Instagram and then immediately ordered a pair of roller skates.

I just love being outside, learning something new, the thrill of landing a new trick. But the best thing about it all was the community, how easy it is to meet new cool people.

In the beginning it all started with the 365 Days Challenge. That means skating every day for a year. Of course, that didn’t last too long, the weather in Germany just didn’t want to go the way I did. Well, somehow I still managed to skate a lot and it became a real passion.

I then moved to Amsterdam in August for professional reasons. There I skated in huge skate parks and met a lot of jam skaters. That’s how I started dancing to the music on roller skates.

There is almost nowhere else that feeling of liberation, like skating with good friends in a park in the sunshine to the music. Everyday life is forgotten and it’s a lot of fun!

In August 2020 I filmed my first tutorials for beginners. After that the skate brand Chaya noticed me. In October I was signed by Chaya. Since May I’m also a proud team skater here at SkaMiDan.

At SkaMiDan you will find a lot of my videos in which I show you the different tricks of roller skating. You can also find extensive and detailed roller skating tutorials here and on YouTube.

Julia Göke — SkaMiDan Skating Team Roller Skating Rollschuhe Team
Julia Göke & Jakob Esselmann — SkaMiDan Skating Team

I just love filming tutorials, showing others how I’ve learned new tricks or moves. It has to be said that I was the only one on roller skates here in the village for 6 months. That’s why I’m all the happier that there are more and more roller skaters.

Maybe something about me and what else I do. I graduated in Fashion Business Management in January 2017 and am currently working for a large fashion house as a Social Media & Marketing Cooperator.

That’s enough from me, happy skating!

So Instagram and social media are my thing. I really enjoy taking cool photos and videos.

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