Sarah Nitz — SkaMiDan Skating Team

Hi, I’m Sarah. I was born in 2006 and I am from Leutkirch im Allgäu in Germany.

2021_10_Sarah Nitz — SkaMiDan Skating Team
Sarah Nitz — SkaMiDan Skating Team

I’ve had inline skates since I was little, but never found it particularly exciting to ride them. In January 2020 I started going to the skate park and I noticed that skating on ramps is a lot of fun.

I started trying tricks and that’s when I was only found at the skate park.

Since my inline skates were not of good quality, they soon broke and had holes from falling.

By skating in the skate park I also discovered aggressive inline skating and got my first aggressive inline skates for Easter 2020.

It was something special at the park when I could meet another blader (aggressive inline skater) from whom I could get tips or feedback for learning tricks.

Unfortunately, there were still very few bladers among my friends and also in Leutkirch.

I had already become aware of SkaMiDan and often watched their videos. Finally I decided to apply to Daniel (which from my current point of view was a bit too early) and unfortunately got rejected.

Of course I was a bit disappointed, but nothing better could have happened to me because from that point on I decided I had to get better.

So I kept skating, every day, from noon until dark. In winter I also skated in the dark or in the snow. At some point my current skates were so broken that I couldn’t even adjust them anymore.

At Christmas 2020 I got new aggressive inline skates, which I continued to skate with. At the end of June Daniel wrote to me and asked if I was still interested in sponsoring.

Since I had not expected that, I was very happy and of course I agreed. And here I am, a happy team member of SkaMiDan.