Wladislaw Felde — SkaMiDan Skating Team

Hi, I’m Wladi, born in 1996. I’ve been involved in sports all my life. As a SkaMiDan team rider, I would like to shed some light on my sporting career in the field of skating.

2022_02_Wladislaw Felde — SkaMiDan Skating Team

I took my first steps on ice skates, back then in Russia, where I grew up. There I visited an ice hockey club for a short time.

In 2005 my parents and I moved to Germany. We hardly had any reserves and therefore not much money either, but luck was with us. My parents found a pair of inline skates in the bulky waste, which I tried out immediately. With that, the time had come and I stood on wheels for the first time in my life.

However, the surrounding area was very hilly and there were hardly any straight areas to practice inline skating. But rolling was so much fun that I just started downhill skating straight away. This is how my enthusiasm for roller sports came about, which grew steadily and continues to grow.

A few years later, an ice skating freestyle group took me under their wing. Over many winters we learn the first tricks together, keep practicing and keep getting better.

But over the summer I was mostly on my own. But at that time I already had new and own inline skates. These were from the Lidl discounter and weren’t exactly of good quality, but I didn’t know anything else and it was great fun.

In 2010 I finally went to the skate park with a few friends for the first time.
There I found a second family and my passion for aggressive inline skating.

At that time, however, this hobby quickly became the same for me as it did for many others, I felt like a unicorn. Why like a unicorn? Well, because I felt like I was the last of this kind, the last to pursue the beautiful hobby of aggressive inline skating.
The time when I really started skating back then was unfortunately exactly the time when most people had stopped.

In 2014 there was also the hype for the trend sport “scooter”, i.e. the stunt scooter. The scooter hype in my area grew so much that the skate parks were literally overrun with scooter drivers and children with scooters.

This and a few other circumstances brought me to my knees, so that by 2020 I had hardly gone inline skating.

Through Daniel’s own skate event, the “SkaMiDan Skate Together“, roller sports grabbed me again, and I tore my inline skates off the hook again. Videos of the Skate Together and others can also be found here on YouTube.

Daniel’s crew and their joie de vivre infected me immediately and today I’m standing here and am a proud member of my own skating crew, the SkaMiDan skating team. Since this point in time, I am happy to spread the following message together with SkaMiDan: “YOU NEVER RIDE ALONE”!

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