Inline skating basics

At the beginning everything seems to be difficult, especially the start of a new sport. This is exactly the reason why produced many different video tutorials, as well as why we have written down all of our tutorials for the inline skating basics. Be sure to have a good start into inline skating with the help of our text and video tutorials.

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But do not worry, with the help of our detailed text and video tutorials, we’ll make it easy to get into inline skating. It’s guaranteed easier than you can imagine it.

Do you want to bet? No, we do not need to bet for sure, that is a promise! And no, all of our text and video tutorials are free and always available for everyone, even without registration!

Why we are so convinced that we will not only make it easy for you to get started and everything that concerns inline skating? In short, from our own many years of experience.

But let’s start from the beginning, from scratch. What equipment do I need, where and how do I start and how do I behave myself at a skate park or at streets? Isn’t inline skating dangerous? These are the questions that will be asked again and again.

First of all, inline skating is by no means dangerous. As in any sport, the right equipment must not be missing, for example knee and elbow pads, as well as wrist guards. It should also be worn a helmet. And so, we have already answered the question about the necessary equipment, because that’s all we need.

We do not want to deny that initially it might not be easy for you to stand on inline skates. You will probably feel a bit unsure, uncomfortable and take a somewhat rigid body posture. However, you do not need to be ashamed of it. This is perfectly normal and every sport has to be learned first.

And that’s exactly where we start. Together we will learn to fall safely and consciously. After that we devote ourselves intensively to the correct posture and foot position. And only then we will learn the first skating and braking techniques. For sure, after we mastered the mentioned techniques we will learn much, much more.

Text and video tutorials — Inline skating basics

Below you will find our list of all the basic techniques and tricks in inline skating. Just follow the respective link to follow us to our detailed text and video tutorials:

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