Inline skating intermediate

Inline skating is a lot of fun. It keeps the body fit and keeps our spirit free. It also trains and tightens the whole body. And hey, inline skating is in strong contrast to running, also a very gentle joint sport. So are you ready for the next challenges, our inline skating intermediate series?

Inline skating intermediate rollerblading skate school Weil am Rhein SkaMiDan

You have already mastered the basics of inline skating and now you want to learn the first cool urban tricks? You want to be able to brake on inline skates as effectively as possible and gain further security on your wheels? Or do you just want to know what else is possible on inline skates? No matter, here you are exactly right!

In our “inline skating intermediate” series, we learn together many new tricks and at the same time we exhaust ourselves. And the cool thing: These are all tricks we can use on a leisurely skate to the ice cream parlor or on the next trip through the city.

With the completion of this series, videos and tutorials, doing tricks in the urban area isn’t limited anymore. No matter if you want to skate down stairs, if you like to jump over an excavation or just want to make the city insecure with cool moves, we offer you the complete package!

But above all, with the successful completion of our intermediate techniques and tricks, you won’t feel insecure on your inline skates anymore and obstacle won’t be a hurdle anymore!

Text and video tutorials — Inline skating intermediate

Below you will find a list of inline skating intermediate techniques and tricks. Just follow the respective link to read or watch our detailed text and video tutorials:

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