Skate Tutorials from SkaMiDan

We at SkaMiDan love skating and follow a certain principle: Information and knowledge should be free of charge and available for everyone at any time, regardless of their origin, the so-called “social class” or other reasons. That’s why you’ll find here all free educational videos and skate tutorials from SkaMiDan.

In addition to our free web and video tutorials, we also offer a variety of personal skate courses on site.

With the help of our personal lessons, workshops, workouts, educational videos, tutorials and much more, we not only show you how to discover inline skating as a new sport and passion for yourself. Moreover, we’ll also show you how to use skating as an effective training to stay mentally and physically fit in a healthy way.

Any kind of skating do not only trains the legs and buttocks. No! Effective skating tightens the whole body and burns a lot of calories. It trains endurance and concentration, improves coordination, increases muscle strength, perfectens the sense of balance and makes you an allround athlete. The physical and mental fitness will be strengthened and everything with a variety like no other sport.

Whether high speeds when skating downhill or doing speed skating, whether joint trips to the next ice cream parlor, whether a round with friends, whether jumps, grinds and tricks when doing aggressive inline skatig with high adrenaline, whether concentration and elegance when doing freestyle slalom skating, whether coolness and casual cruising through the city, whether skating over the ice rink during ice skating, whether hiking or mountain rides using offroad skates or other things, inline skating, as well as skating in general, offer you an almost infinite variety. Get to know the diversity of skating now!

Below you will find a list of all the different disciplines of inline skating and other skating sports, for which we have already created trick lists as well as tutorials and instructional videos.

Overview of all skate tutorials from SkaMiDan

Inline Skating

Aggressive Inline Skating

Freestyle Slalom Skating

In addition to our tutorials, you’ll find many more skating videos on our YouTube channel.