Inline Skating Beginner

After having already learned the basics and the first braking techniques in inline skating, we now devote ourselves to inline skating beginner techniques and tricks.

In the following tutorials we will improve our technique and fine motor skills and learn our first tricks.

Inline Skating Beginner Rollerblading School SkaMiDan

With the completion of the following tutorials, all imaginable obstacles, bumps, slopes and hills will no longer be a problem for us. Furthermore, we will be able to turn from skating forwards into skating backwards and vice versa.

Above all, we will build up a first repertoire of tricks. Moreover we will double our fun factor on inline skates!

Text and video tutorials — Inline skating beginner

Below you will find a list of all the braking techniques that we recommend for beginners. Just follow the respective link to read or watch our detailed text and video tutorials:

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