SkaMiDan — Skating School and Skateshop Weil am Rhein

Your skating school and skate shop of Weil am Rhein, in short SkaMiDan, is your contact point for skating lessons and best advice from professional.

Besides to the local and personal skating lessons, SkaMiDan is the world’s most popular and free online skating school. The local skating lessons usually take place in the city of Weil am Rhein in the district of Lörrach. But on request, the lessons and courses can also be booked as “on-site”.

SkaMiDan Skateschule und Skateshop Weil am Rhein Basel Lörrach Freiburg und Region Skateschule Inliner Skates Rollschuhe

In the accompanying web store and fan shop of SkaMiDan you will find all the stuff you need for skating. In addition you will find all products which let beat the skater’s hearts faster. SkaMiDan stands for skate gear from professional, for fun while skating, for the community, for collaborative learning and reaching goals, from one source.

One place around the topics of inline skating and roller skating. A place to exchange and to learn together. A place to share our passion.

SkaMiDan – Your way to improve your passion

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