SkaMiDan’s trick list of inline skating

As in any sport, inline skating also offers a variety of techniques and tricks. In our SkaMiDan’s trick list of inline skating we have summarized the most common techniques and tricks.

We have divided them according to their level of difficulty. In addition, in our SkaMiDan’s trick list you will also find pictures, videos, as well as complete video tutorials on a variety of tricks.

SkaMiDan's trick list of inline skating far and huge air on rollerlades

Thanks to our list, you will finally be able to assign the multitude of tricks to their names (or vice versa). In addition, our SkaMiDan’s trick list offers you a good guideline about which techniques and which tricks you can approach and learn next in inline skating.

Here you will find the appropriate casual skates, fitness skates und urban skates to master all the tricks. Recommended protectors can be found here and skate helmets can be found here.

Now take a detailed look at our SkaMiDan’s trick list of inline skating.

Trick list of inline skating





  • 540° Grab (flat and obstacles)
  • Fakie 540° Grab (flat and obstacles)
  • Power Stop
  • Parallel Power Slide
  • Magic Slide
  • One Foot Stair Ride
  • Fakie One Foot Stair Ride
  • More tricks will follow…


  • More tricks will follow…

More videos and trick tutorials you will find on our YouTube channel.